what do clients say about the hidden lens?

“ We all loved the pics, especially the candid ones. We couldn't have asked for a better photo shoot :) Thanks a ton!” Apeksha – Redmond, WA 9/2016

“These photos are fantastic! The boys were being so silly and I didn't think we got any useable photos. The boys were cracking up at looking at them tonight. You did a great job!” Wendy – Seattle, WA 4/2017

“The photos are awesome – huge, huge thank you for your expertise, flexibility and kindness. My goal is to make this a yearly event!” Kate - Seattle, WA 11/2015

“Thanks Julie, they are awesome! Andrew said they are our best family photos yet. Thanks so much!!” Lauren, Seattle WA 9/2016

“We love the pics. Can't stop looking through them again and again! You managed to capture everything and we thank you for that. I'm so glad we found our family photographer! I'll definitely be recommending you to friends and will reach out when we are ready for our next family session!” Anjali - Mercer Island, WA 9/2016

“ We LOVE the pics!! Thank you so much, you caught Yolo in so many good poses. It actually seems like he is a well-trained dog. I can't wait until our next shoot.” Grace - Seattle, WA 6/2014

“I really felt comfortable with you and loved the experience even though I actually hate taking pictures . I also love the pictures!!! Thanks again!” Alexia – Seattle, WA 4/2015

“We love all pictures! You have captured moments with my family so beautifully. I can't wait to put them on my home. Thanks again for a wonderful experience!” Hinal – Bothell, WA 8/2015

“I can't tell you how happy we are with these photos! There are SO many good ones - you truly have a great eye. Thank you so much for braving the rain with us - we're truly happy customers and will be so excited to put these on our wall, Christmas cards, etc.” Sarah – Seattle, WA 10/2015

“Thank you so much Julie! Pictures are wonderful. We were very happy to get our photo shoot done by you. Will definitely recommend to all our friends.” Varsha – Samammish, WA 9/2015

“Julie - as always you did a GREAT job again!! I love all of them!!!! I am SO excited for our Christmas card this year - and such beautiful pictures with my mom!” Andrea – Snohomish, WA 10/2015

“Wow! Thanks so much Julie, they are great! I always freak out right before looking at the photos....and once again, you worked wonders! To think how dark, wet and yucky it was out there...not to mention all the foot traffic! The photos are great and thanks for sticking it out with us on that late afternoon after you had so many shoots. It looks so much like fall and the colors are so much brighter than I was predicting. Now to pick just one or two or three for the holiday card…THANKS AGAIN!” Shannon – Seattle, WA 11/2016

“Julie! How in the world were you able to get so many good ones when she was being so difficult the whole time?! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Katie – Seattle, WA 11/2015

“Aaaaaghh! These are so great!! Thank you so, so much for taking photos at our PEPS party. You were so good with all the babies and dealing with that bizarre brewery! Everyone's going to love these. Also, I just framed four of the pictures from our mini-session. Love them! Thanks again!” Kendra – Seattle, WA 11/2015

“Thank you so much for all of these gorgeous newborn photos, Julie! You really captured her personality and some of the photos make me want to cry! And thank you for all of your hard work and coming all the way out here. I definitely want to purchase some prints once we figure out our favorites (which I have no idea how to pick the best—they're all beautiful).” Lauren – Kirkland, WA 1/2016

“Thank you so much, these photos are wonderful and melt my heart! I love having all these beautiful pictures to capture some precious memories and am looking forward to more sessions in the future! See you in a few months!” Anne – Seattle, WA 4/2016

“Julie, these are fantastic! Our favorite photos yet! We just love the way you work with the landscape! You are very talented! Keeping the kids entertained is a big task that you were great at and does reflect in the photos. You have a newly committed family! Thanks so much. We look forward to work with you in the future.” Jen – Kirkland, WA 9/2016