my story - The Hidden Lens

how I became the hidden lens:

We can't freeze time.  But...we CAN capture a moment in time with a photograph.  Some things in life you want to remember forever, and take with you wherever you go, and pass on to friends and family.   This is what photographs are for.    

Decades ago my father passed down a manual film camera.  It worked.  I experimented with all the manual settings.  I took landscape photos and people photos and still life photographs.  Some  turned out, some didn't.  

It was not until I became a parent that I was compelled to document all the moments and phases of my children growing up.   As if by fate, I inherited a (practically new and professional!) camera at my husband's grandfather's passing.  This was when my fist daughter was about 5 months old.   So off I went to learn how to use it.  Years went by and I took photographs.  A lot.  I was dedicated to figure out the art and science of photography.  

I joined a camera club.  I learned from local professionals.  I bought photography software and learned how to use it.  I completed the University of Washington's Photography program.  I practiced, practiced, practiced. 

People talk about being passionate about what you do.  I know what that means now.  I find true joy in taking photographs and being there to capture moments so that YOU can re-tell a story.  

Hold on to the memory of ...  a pregnancy, a newborn, a first birthday, an engagement, a family all together, or simply a phase in life   - whatever it may be.  I am honored, delighted and happily behind the lens for you.  

when I'm not behind the lens: 

When I don't have my camera in-hand, I enjoy spending time with my awesome daughters and incredible husband.  I enjoy running/fitness, gardening, fetch with our dog, ALL sports (watching or playing!), and do-it-yourself home remodel projects.  

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